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Learn the 1 Key Nutrient You Need to Stimulate & Boost Body's Immune Cells to Fight Cancer. Rejuvenate & Revitalize Cells With These 8 Ancient Immune Boosting Herbs That Work There are many good and bad Cancer traits. On the good side, the Cancer personality is loyal, protective, intuitive, and caring. On the bad side, Cancers are overly sensitive, moody, and vindictive. We look at each of these Cancer traits in detail below. The symbol of Cancer Going by first impressions, the Cancer personality type usually comes across as shy and reserved. Even if they're introduced to someone by a mutual friend, a Cancer might still be suspicious of this new person until he or she gets to know them better. Once you've solidified your friendship with a Cancer, the real fun can begin. You'll notice they enjoy an active social life. Cancers are great at throwing parties, and if you're on the VIP list at one of their soirees, get ready for an. Cancer Personality & Character Traits 1. All About Community. Cancer understands that life is all about the people that you spend time with. As such, they... 2. Build Their Families Quickly. Family, the people that Cancer personalities have known for their entire lives, are the... 3. Friendly and.

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Cancer's altruism manifests in either her field of work (think social work, teaching, hospitality) or her motivation for working (to gain financial security for the people she loves). Careers in health care, midwifery, or child or elder care are a natural fit for kindhearted Cancer. Her independence might also draw her to freelance gigs, especially creative writing projects that allow her imagination to flow. No matter the field, Cancer's strong work ethic and empathic gifts. Cancer Personality While talking about the Cancerians, their nature of being attached to family is not to be ignored because they are known for their loving heart. Male Cancerians are quite good men and attached to family; female Cancerians are very caring and maternal 21 Secrets Of The Cancer Personality 1. Cancer is incredibly intuitive and astonishingly good at reading people. Cancers have a one-of-a-kind sense of... 2. Cancer is an intense and passionate lover. Cancer isn't the type to 'half ass' things when it comes to love and in a... 3. But Cancer doesn't.

Here Are 12 Defining Personality Traits Of Cancer 1. Their intuition is always spot-on.. When it comes to the power of intuition, Cancers always take the cake. They are... 2. They tend to be shy when flirting.. When it comes to flirting, Cancers can be really shy and cautious. The reason... 3.. Cancer Personality Traits: Powerful Aspects of the Sign Changeable Traits of a Cancer. Each astrological sign tends to have at least one key characteristic that really... Positive Cancer Attributes and Personality Traits. What are Cancerians like? To understand this highly complicated sign.... Cancers are highly intuitive and their psychic abilities manifest in tangible spaces: For instance, Cancers can effortlessly pick up the energies in a room. These crabs are highly sensitive to..

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Positive Cancer Personality Female Traits. Creative & artistic; Tender-hearted; Excellent & diligent in work; Family-oriented; Dedicated to what called ?home' Negative Cancer Personality Female Traits. Fearful of getting rejected; Unforgiving; Resentful; In-depth Look into Cancer Woman Characteristics. Intuitive; Kindness; Dependable; Persistent; Soft underbelly; Rarely direc Cancer personality can be quite complicated, but deep inside they are home-loving and conservative people. A Cancer woman is vulnerable, emotional, and not likely to quickly fall in love. Once her trust is earned, she will be passionate and loyal. In order to seduce her, one has to be proactive and make the first move, respecting her need to be treated like a lady. She is not the right choice.

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The Cancer personality is flexible and helpful, meaning you are easy to get along with and great at giving advice. Your family is your foundation, your pillar and you'd do anything for the people you love. Affectionate and kind, you do everything to keep your loved ones united around you Whilst many older studies endorse the idea of a cancer personality, most newer studies — using more advanced methodology — do not. A review of studies in 2010 concluded that they do not give much support to personality as a causative factor for cancer. Another review in 2014 included over 42,000 people and more than 2,000 suffering from six types of cancer amongst them. They looked. Cancer is the person who holds on to things, desires security, and essentially wants to spend as much time as possible in the comfort of their own home. What is a Cancer? Cancer is the fourth sign.. Cancer Personality Traits: Everything You Need To Know About the Zodiac Sign Cancerians, symbolized by the crab, are gentler and more caring than you might think. The fourth sign in the zodiac , Cancer (June 21 - July 22) is highly sensitive and intuitive, with an innate ability to see through other people

Cancers are water signs, known for their caring, nurturing, and empathetic vibes. In fact, Cancer is associated with the waters of the womb—the OG flotation therapy. The Moon, Cancer's ruler. What is the personality of a Cancer? A Cancer's personality is like wading chest deep in a lake of warm water. It feels sparkling and cool while it's touching the body, but you know that if you were to dive in, it would feel warm. Cancer's self-awareness is like the tides Cancer moons have a tendency to be a bit moody and prone to sudden bouts of melancholy or excitement (as the fast-moving moon changes zodiac signs every few days). If Cancer Is Your Rising Sign. Personality has long been hypothesized to play a causative role in the development of cancer. Around 200 A.D., Galen observed that melancholic women were more prone to cancer than were women of a sanguine temperament (). In 1962, Kissen and Eysenck conducted one of the first modern studies of the association between personality and cancer and reported that patients with lung cancer were more.

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Accordingly, Cancers tend to be domestically oriented. They love to create cozy, safe spaces that serve as their personal sanctuaries, then spend lots of time in them. Cancers care deeply about. Cancer Personality. Cancer. You are so in tune with your emotions that it comes out flowing out of you effortlessly. People call it moody but they don't realize that you and everyone else go through several emotions in a day and you're just brave enough to feel it. Zodiac Memes / CANCER, personality

How can cancer impact someone's personality? Depression and flat emotions Anxiety Mood swings Irritability or aggression Apathy (lack of interest and motivation) Confusion and forgetfulness Lack of inhibitions - behaving in socially or culturally unacceptable ways Difficulty planning and. Cancer Woman Personality Positive Traits Adventurous. Her motherly nature gives her a chance to take care of everyone, no matter the situation. She is the type... Versatile. A Cancer lady carries an extraordinary kind of wisdom that is mixed up with good emotion. The good thing is... Ambitious.. Personality has long been hypothesized to play a causal role in the development and progression of cancer. In 1962, Kissen and Eysenck conducted one of the first modern studies of the association between personality and cancer and reported that, compared with hospital controls, patients with lung cancer were more likely to be extraverted and less likely to be neurotic Cancer Woman: Overview & Personality Traits. The Cancer woman is a moon maiden. Her soul is innately connected to the mysteries and magic of the luminous orb that rules the tides. Her ruling element is water, which explains her deeply connected intuition and her natural way of being in touch with her emotions - and she has so many emotions. A Cancer lady can be a bit standoffish and guarded.

Someone with this personality type was, he claimed, at very high risk of later developing cancer. A second personality type predicted 'internal diseases', such as stroke and hypertension. Even more remarkably, Grossarth-Maticek said, a brief course of psychotherapy was enough to virtually eliminate the excess risks. Despite the fact that Grossarth-Maticek was claiming to have found a way. People who have cancer may find the physical, emotional, and social effects of the disease to be stressful. Those who attempt to manage their stress with risky behaviors such as smoking or drinking alcohol or who become more sedentary may have a poorer quality of life after cancer treatment. In contrast, people who are able to use effective coping strategies to deal with stress, such as. Top 10 Cancer Personality Traits Loyal. Cancers are extremely loyal and caring to the individuals that matter most in their lives such as their immediate family and intimate friends. They respect the will of their loved ones and go out of their way to express their love and fondness towards them. Cancers make for some of the most faithful lovers in existence, and you can rely on them through.

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Read more about Cancer Personality from Allure, and discover new ideas, makeup looks, skin-care advice, the best beauty products, tips, and trends Cancer In Relationships. In general, Cancer representatives easily get attached to people, led by pure emotion, and tend to be loyal, gentle and trustworthy to those they care about. They are helpful and strong when needed, but it sometimes gets easy to forget their sensitive side that needs tenderness and gratitude in return. Reactive and with. Cancer and Personality. June 3, 2003 -- When it comes to cancer, it doesn't matter how outgoing, emotional, aggressive, or conformist you are. Your personality doesn't affect your risk of cancer.

Cancer personality. Cancer people are lovers of home and are highly emotional. They create strong relationship bonds and yearn for security. They are usually foodies, love food and make good dishes. They get along well with children and pets and make good parents.Cancer people lend a shoulder to cry on when we are in trouble The Zodiac Sign Cancer Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality. Those born under the zodiac sign Cancer need to be needed. In all aspects of their... Positives of Cancer Zodiac Sign. Those born under the zodiac sign Cancer are deeply loving people. They are. Cancer, represented by The Crab, is the fourth Zodiac sign. The keynote of Cancer is I feel. The personality of this Crustacean is difficult to describe. Defensive at apparently illogical. Loyalty is one of Cancer's best personality traits. They are a ride-or-die type of person. That is, once you gain their trust, which could take some time. Cancers will do whatever it takes to help. Cancer Personality . According to western astrology, people with Cancer zodiac sign are often full of love. For them, the most important thing is family. They are also persistent, very loyal to their friends and family. People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are sensitive and sentimental, but they are able to build a solid protective wall in their heart. When provoked, they will immediately.

Cancer Personality Traits Those born between June 21 and July 22 can generally conclude that their sun sign is Cancer. (It's not definitive, because the sun moves between signs on different days. Personality, Personality Traits, and Cancer. Personality is a relational style based on environment and genetics that is gradually established during childhood and adolescence. It starts to become fixed in one's 20's and only changes minimally after age of 30 years old.[10] These patterns of relating to others and the world at large are mostly adaptive and relate to our innate temperament. Cancer dates and personality: June 21 to July 22. Family and home are two important elements for Cancer. As a water sign, like Scorpio and Pisces, these natives are ruled by their hearts instead. The Cancer personality values tradition and consider the past to be extremely important. They are nostalgic sorts who take pleasure in reminiscing, poring over family photos, or getting loved ones together to watch old home movies. They may also be passionate about history in general, possibly taking the study of it up as a hobby. Water: The Root of Creativity and Emotion Cancer is one of. Cancer (♋︎) is the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Cancer. It spans from 90° to 120° celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this area between approximately June 22 and July 22, and under the sidereal zodiac, the Sun transits this area between approximately July 21 and August 9. In astrology, Cancer is the cardinal.

Moon in Cancer: Characteristics and Personality Traits. The Cancer Moon . Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive or emotional energies, your innate reactions, and the things you need to feel comfortable or secure. It can reveal your emotional, genetic and intuitive makeup. Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon Sign describes those that. Cancer Child Traits, Personality, & Characteristics. They come out from under their Crab shell to play and dance in this reality but will scurry back into the safety of its shadows at the tiniest hint of discord. Not overly social, your little one is content with a good book or movie over the company of others. When he or she is with a group, don't expect a leader. Initiative isn't Cancer. PubMe Cancer Personality. Laughter is something people under this sign value greatly as it allows them to let loose and enjoy their coexistence with others. Jokes are also valued by Cancerians for the exact same reason and sharing jokes with you is a great indicator that you've established a communication line that feels safe to them. Every person under the sign of Cancer is a living bank of. Cancer Cancer Rising Personality- 6 Facts People Always Get Wrong. by Imelda Green 3 years ago. Most people consider their zodiac sign as the only astrological parameter that has a bearing on their personality types. However, this is simply not the case, for, the sun sign is just one among the several astrological determiners of your personality. One of the most important ones is your Rising.

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Cancer Personality. June 22nd-July 22nd Although The Crab is protective and knows how to wait, it is a mistake to think of Cancerians as passive individuals. They can be quite aggressive in getting what they want, but often prefer not to make demands, expecting others to understand their sensitivities and diverse moods. A strong bond of empathy with another person is far more important to a. Cancer Sign Personality Profile : Cancer Traits Personality Characteristics Of Cancer Star Sign / Music and photography are common strengths, but they also tend to be excellent cooks and have green thumbs, and many learning these other planetary placements is recommended, as it provides a more comprehensive personality profile.. This sign is symbolized by the crab, which is depicted as a '69. Learning the Cancer star sign personality and Cancer traits can help you coexist in harmony with this zodiac sign, which can be loving and nurturing but also overly sensitive, whiny and reclusive. Chief among the traits of a Cancer is their inherent need to serve as a caregiver. A Cancer's familial ties are strong, with emphasis on planting deep roots and feathering their nests. They love to. Everyone has negative personality traits they hide from the world, even the kindest zodiac signs. Sensual, intuitive, and emotional, on the surface, the Cancer personality always seems to be one. Cancer Woman's emotions run very near the surface, and she is easily moved to tears, as much by joy as by unhappiness. She loves weepy movies, but when someone in trouble comes to her for help she will be as strong as a rock. As deep and tempestuous as the sea, she can also be the calm bay, the gentle beach, always ready to help and nourish those she loves. Although she is easily moved to.

Cancer sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Cancer man - information and insights on the Cancer man. Cancer woman - information and insights on the Cancer woman. Cancer horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Cancer horoscopes. Cancer compatibility - the compatibility of cancer with the other astrological signs in love, sex. Cancer Personality Traits: Everything You Need To Know About the Zodiac Sign. 1 like • 5 shares. Hypebae - Julia Arielle Modorsky • 9h. Cancerians, symbolized by the crab, are gentler and more caring than you might think. The fourth sign in the zodiac, Cancer (June 21 - July 22) is Read more on hypebae.com. Cancer; Horoscopes; Astrology; Ariana Grande; More stories from Cancer. Cancer men, ruled by the ever-changing Moon are the moodiest guys of the zodiac. Their personalities can change from minute to minute and they are capable of emotions that run the gamut. Cancer men often seem like walking contradictions that are confusing to family and friends The Cancer Man. Wistful, shy, and mysterious, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. A Cancer man is reserved when he first meets someone new and it will take many more meetings before you can get close to him. At the first sign of overly aggressive friendliness, the crab will sidle out of sight and bury himself in the tide

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Cancer Personality Traits. 3,529 likes · 39 talking about this. Cancer is the astrology sign that is packed full of contradictions so when it comes to independence, they possibly can or can not be.. Cancer Personality Traits. 3,481 likes · 29 talking about this. Cancer is the astrology sign that is packed full of contradictions so when it comes to independence, they possibly can or can not be..

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  1. Cancer personalities are known to be calm loving beings but when it comes to their loved ones they turn to their maternal instincts and turn very protective. This over-protective trait of theirs sometimes might cause issues in Cancer relationships, but their intention is always right and from the purity of their beautiful hearts. If you are dating a cancer personality, we would recommend.
  2. Mars in Cancer and Acting . Mars Cancer people play on and with emotions, making many of them natural performers. Actress Penelope Cruz (Taurus with Mars Cancer) says of her childhood, I remember playing with some friends and being aware that I was acting playing with them--I would think of a character and pretend to be someone else
  3. Personality: Cancer people born in the Year of the Tiger can be best partners to choose when starting a business, for they are highly spirited and can give people inspiration and encouragement. They are also sensitive and emotional when they keep to themselves. Actually they always feel lonely and they think that there is no one able to understand them. However, they do a good disguise work.
  4. Cancer Sun Aries Moon - Personality, Compatibility. The Sun and the Moon in our natal chart represent our rational side of personality and our inner being. While the Sun's traits are most obvious to the people around us, the traits of our Moon are only known to us and the people who are close to us. People with Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries can appear very reserved and timid on the.

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A cancer diagnosis can be a deeply personal, devastating thing. Many people find themselves retreating from the reality and either not acknowledging what's happening, or not wanting to reach out for help. I've had an interesting year, Melany Myers said. Melany Myers, half of the team of Phil and Mel in the Afternoon on K104.7 has been through a year that would have broken most. It. cancer-personality.com is hosted in Ashburn, Virginia, United States and is owned by John Cole (Ezoic Uk Ltd). cancer-personality.com was created on 2012-01-13. Website IP is

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  1. Pancreatic cancer personal stories - Wählen Sie unserem Gewinner. Unser Testerteam hat unterschiedliche Hersteller & Marken ausführlich analysiert und wir zeigen unseren Lesern hier unsere Testergebnisse. Natürlich ist jeder Pancreatic cancer personal stories 24 Stunden am Tag auf amazon.de verfügbar und direkt bestellbar. Da die meisten Händler leider seit vielen Jahren nur durch hohe.
  2. Did I bring the cancer on myself? Your personality and emotions did not cause your cancer. Research on this topic has not shown a link between personality and overall cancer risk. Also, personality traits and attitude do not affect cancer survival. Can having a positive attitude improve my chance of surviving cancer? Many people with cancer are told by family and friends to stay positive. But.
  3. Astrological Personality Profile - Cancer June 22 - July 22 : Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, ruled by the moon. As the fourth sign of the zodiac, the Cancer individual is a deeply emotional person inside, but is smooth and confident on the outside. Their first love is of home and family and they are nurturing and caring in the family setting, creating a cozy, comfortable, safe existence.
  4. Cancer Men Personality Traits & Characteristics The Bright Side Even after several meetings, if your Cancerian boyfriend seems to be like a mystery box not unfolded, then blame not yourself for that is the sign of a true Cancerian! It generally takes a large number of meetings to actually start judging the basic characteristic features of a Cancer male. A Cancer male may seem to be a different.
  5. i female. For, unlike the latter who changes her personality in different situations, a Cancerian just goes through a change in her mood, which.

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  1. It was once thought that people with certain personality traits were particularly susceptible to cancer. Neurotic people and introverts, in particular, were believed to be especially at risk for developing the disease. Personality type was also thought to play a role in whether people stricken with cancer would die of it. In the early 1960s,
  2. g.
  3. al prognosis but from the way you describe your dad as being makes me suspicious that it is much more to do with his liver cancer than a mental problem. If you Google liver disease and personality changes , you may find more information about how this happens and maybe the hospital doctors can also help to answer.
  4. Chemo Brain. Sometimes people with cancer worry about, joke about, or become frustrated by what they describe as mental cloudiness or changes they might notice before, during, and after cancer treatment. This cloudiness or mental change is commonly referred to as chemo brain. Doctors and researchers may call chemo brain many things, such as.
  5. Cancer Personality Profile. Emotional sometimes, Cancer sun sign people tend to be some of the more caring people in our world. They are very loving and value family and friends over fame or fortune. You will always find this loving person with a dear pet of some sort. Extremely intuitive and imaginative, these people make great artists and designers. You will find them where ever there is a.
  6. Recently, behavioural oncologists have attempted to conceptualize a Type C personality type, i.e. a personality type more at risk for cancer. Based on their findings, the following characteristics describe a Type C personality: denial and suppression of emotions, in particular anger. pathological niceness. avoidance of conflicts
  7. Most cancer risk (and protective) factors are initially identified in epidemiology studies. In these studies, scientists look at large groups of people and compare those who develop cancer with those who don't. These studies may show that the people who develop cancer are more or less likely to behave in certain ways or to be exposed to certain substances than those who do not develop cancer.

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  1. personality changes. dragonfly2. If you go down the first list here to long term effects of treatment you will find a bunch of letters that relate to this subject. Many of us talk about the emotional toll cancer has taken on our relationships. Its very common for us to want to reduce stress in every way possible
  2. ed.
  3. Cancer patients don't have to feel like they should blame themselves when things go wrong, he said. The idea that personality plays a role in cancer risk has been around since ancient.
  4. Cancer born in Dragon year Personality Horoscope. The Perceptive Cancerian Dragon Personality. Free Personality Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Cancer made with combination of the Chinese Astrology for Cancer born during the Dragon Year: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024. When the Western sun sign of Cancer combines with the Chinese astrological Dragon, it is said to.
  5. Cancer personality traits and qualities. The person born under the fourth zodiac sign of the solar calendar has a curious, versatile and dreamy personality, with a tendency to superstition and melancholy. Shy and even naive, not cartesian for a penny, he even has mystical aspirations, whereas his depressive nature can sometimes lead him to alcohol abuse. If the multiple talents and abilities.

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  1. Moon in Cancer Personality Traits Close family and friendships. Those with Cancer as a Moon sign are greatly attached to their family, as it gives them a... The Cancer Moon is all about long-lasting connections. Because the one born with the Moon in Cancer is a being who loves... Empathy and its.
  2. More About Cancer. Tenaciously loyal and loving, Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac, and will fiercely protect themselves and anything they hold dear. They are lovers not fighters, but will always fight for who they love. Embodied by the Crab's hard shell, Cancer prizes comfort, security, and protection. This sign is connected to the.
  3. ds very well -- but they frequently exhibit an adeptness in understanding the emotions of others. This emotional awareness makes Cancers great.
  4. The Cancer Personality: Its Importance in Healing. by W. Douglas Brodie, MD. Evidence of a relationship between cancer and personality type has existed for centuries. Going back in history to the second century AD, Galen, a Greek physician famous for his astute observations of patients and for his accurate descriptions of diseases, noted that women with breast cancer frequently had a tendency.
  5. ine and uniquely sexy. Deeply caring and sympathetic lovers they will do anything for a partner whom they're in love with. Highly intuitive, she has a natural talent for nurturing, often knowing exactly how to make.
  6. d at. She is not shy to use her fe

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Is Cancer The Best Zodiac : In Depth Cancer Sign Traits Personality Characteristics Cancer Star Sign - Therefore, cancer, the fourth zodiacal sign, is in analogy with the 4th house:. Cancers are often seen as some of the most mysterious creatures in all of the zodiac and for good reason too. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is represented by the crab. Learn about cancer star sign. A Cancer woman will never make the first moves in a relationship; she only knows how to move backwards or sideways. This is because of two reasons, her shyness and her fear of being rejected. This female has some secrets and she won't like you prying around her personal diary. She is very insecure and will need your constant reassurance. It doesn't matter if she is the current 'Miss Universe. Cancers are a well-guarded personality type that displays characteristics of strong emotional strength and social intelligence. Just like their symbol, the Crab feels exposed and vulnerable when trust is not established in relationships. Those who carry this zodiac sign are often introverted personalities that focus much of their energy inward. Known for being moody, emotional, and often.

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Cancer mortality can be reduced if cases are detected and treated early. There are two components of early detection: Early diagnosis. When identified early, cancer is more likely to respond to treatment and can result in a greater probability of survival and less morbidity, as well as less expensive treatment. Significant improvements can be made in the lives of cancer patients by detecting. The Cancer personality is incredibly family-oriented and loyal, making them fiercely protective of their closest loved ones. Learn more about Cancer's characteristics » Tarot Card: The Chariot Glyph: The Crab Ruling Planet: The Moon Ruling House: 4th House of Security Element: Water Color: Silver & White Cancer Compatibility. As a Cancer you are sensitive and intuitive, giving you a special. Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon: A Decisive Personality Personality traits. Sun Cancers are cautious people who pay attention to almost everything. But when the Moon... Sensitive lovers. Those born under this Sun Moon combination feel the need for other people to grow dependent on them. The Cancer Sun. The Cancer Personality. Plastic Comb - August 10, 1998. by Tom Laughlin (Author) 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1 rating. See all formats and editions. Hide other formats and editions. Price. New from Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Signs that have the same element are naturally compatible because they understand each other best, and in addition, Air is highly compatible with Fire, and Water is highly compatible with Earth. The strongest attraction is expected in opposing signs and their potential is always great. Synastry is a branch of astrology where two natal charts are compared in.

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Most Cancers can have a bit of bossy streak as well, as they are naturals when it comes to problem-solving and have a tendency to feel they always know best. This is an important characteristic for Cancer natives to become aware of and try to control, as it can easily take over and derail the harmony of home they work so hard to build. Domestic, Home-Loving, and Creative Like all water signs. Cancer Moon Sign Personality Traits : Cancer Zodiac Sign Personality Traits Dates And Compatibility Instyle - These people can be extraordinarily funny.. One of the most delightful characteristics of moon in cancer people is their loony sense of humor. You are able to sense the feelings of the people around you. Positive traits of the moon in cancer the moon in cancer person can go to great. Personality Traits of Gemini-Cancer Cusps You'll Instantly Relate To. Also known as the Cusp of Magic, when the bubbly and flirtatious Gemini combines with sensitive and caring Cancer, it results in something Magical. The Gemini-Cancer combination is known to be benevolent to others, that's why they are the most caring zodiac combination. AstrologyBay will brief you about the personality.

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