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  3. PEEK tubing with 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) OD that are flexible and easy to cut to desired lengths, as well as color-coded for easy tracking Tubing made of PTFE, PP, or FEP are available for special conditions Available accessories include tubing cutters, ferrules, unions, adapters, and mor

PEEK Tubing 0.030, 5' Lengths. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)Tubing is flexible, easy to cut, and has excellent mechanical stability and chemical compatibility. PEEK tubing is color coded for easy identification of the internal diameter. 0.030 ID, Green Striped, 204 bar/3000 psi Excellent for high pressure applications (413 bar) Ten times less oxygen permeable than PTFE and with a greater temperature resistance. Completely flexible, easy to cut and suitable for a wide range of applications. Can be used with PEEK fingertight fittings or stainless steel nuts and ferrules Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) tubing has become a popular replacement for stainless steel tubing in various places in the HPLC system. It is especially useful when contact between the sample and metal components must be avoided, such as when working with metal complexing agents or certain biochemical compounds. PEEK tubing also offers other advantages: it is flexible, easy to cut, has excellent.

PEEK tubing has the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure without swelling or bursting, and is not affected by halide salts, high strength buffers, or other aggressive mobile phases that corrode stainless steel PEEK Capillary Tubing Related applications: Industrial Chromatography . Use Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ Sample Loops for your Rheodyne HPLC sample injectors. They are available in stainless steel or biocompatible PEEK. Contact us for support › Back to top. Broad chemical compatibility. PEEK tubing has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any thermoplastic and the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure. Its distinct materials make it inert to most solvents and give it a smooth internal surface that improves the resolution of sample bands Striped Flex-Connect™ PEEK Tubing Color o.d. i.d. Max. Pressure (psig) Size Range* Striped Part No. Red 1/16 0.005 7,000 1-5cm 35851 2-10cm 35852 3-15cm 35853 5-25cm 35854 10-50cm 35855 15-75cm 35856 Yellow 1/16 0.007 7,000 1-5cm 35861 2-10cm 35862 3-15cm 35863 5-25cm 35864 10-50cm 35865 15-75cm 35866 Blue 1/16 0.010 5,000 1-5cm 35871 2-10cm 35872 3-15cm. The closest thing we have to a generic standard for analytical HPLC systems (over the last 20 years) would be tubing with an ID of 0.17 mm (0.007). This provides a nice compromise between low internal volume, modest pressure and less likely to clog or plug

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HPLC Säule spülen oder ersetzen; Am Fitting tritt Medium aus: Tubing am Ende der Ferrule ist zu lang: PEEK Tubing, auf richtige Länge kürzen und wieder montieren; Edelstahl Tubing, Tubing inklusive Ferrule abtrennen, Grat entfernen und mit neuer Ferrule montieren; Am ersten Peak bildet sich eine leichte Vorschulte Capillaries & Tubing for liquid chromatography (HPLC and UHPLC) Capillaries made from stainless steel and tubings made from PEEK are most often used in HPLC.KNAUER offers precut capillaries as well as standard capillaries that can be cut by the user Precision bore PEEK tubing is designed specifically for modern LC, LCMS and automation usage.VWR bietet eine breite Auswahl an Schläuchen an, die an unterschiedlichste Bedingungen angepasst werden können, wie etwa der Einfluss von Hitze und Chemikalien oder die Notwendigkeit hoher Flexibilität. Schläuche können als Verbindung zwischen Behältern im Labor dienen, oder als feste.

Polyetherether Ketone (PEEK) Chemical Compatibility Chart: Check the chemical compatibility of PEEK with various chemicals, solvents, alcohols and other products.. Shop Peek . Please Note: The information in this chart has been supplied by reputable sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility PEEK (poly ether ether ketone) tubing has become a standard item in the operation of many HPLC systems. It is convenient, inexpensive, and easy to identify the internal diameter. However, some care needs to be taken to avoid problems associated with PEEK tubing Most PEEK tubing can be used up to the upper pressure limits of conventional HPLC equipment (6000 psi = 400 bar), but cannot be used at higher pressures with U-HPLC type applications. The smaller internal diameters should have higher burst strengths because of the greater wall thickness, but it is wise to check the tubing specifications if you expect to operate routinely at >4000 psi (275 bar. PEEK Tubing. Ideal for plumbing to and inside HPLC systems. 1/16 OD in 3- and 10-meter lengths. Less oxygen permeable and more temperature resistant than PTFE or Tefzel tubing. Easily cut to length using Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter ( cat.# 25069 ). Use with PEEK finger-tight or flangeless fittings Vici Valco Instruments™ PEEK Schläuche Farbcodierte PEEK-Schläuche, die stark genug für den kontinuierlichen Einsatz bei HPLC-Druck sind, ohne zu schwellen oder bersten. Vici Valco Instruments™ PEEK-Schläuche sind unempfindlich gegen Halogenidsalze, hochfeste Puffer oder andere aggressive mobile Phasen, die Edelstahl korrodieren 21.30

PEEK tubing is flexible, offers a very smooth internal surface and can be easily cut to desired lengths. PEEK has a high temperature threshold, capable of withstanding as high as 100 Deg C and carries a pressure rating of upto 7000 psi PEEK Tubing has the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure without swelling or bursting, and is not affected by halide salts, high strength buffers, or other aggressive mobile phases that corrode stainless steel. The polymer surface will not leach metal ions into the eluent or extract metal-sensitive components from the sample (Biocompatible). PEEK is compatible with.

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PEEK Tubing - 1/16 OD Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties. PEEK Tubing has the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure without swelling or bursting, and is not affected by halide salts, high strength buffers, or other aggressive mobile phases that corrode stainless steel PEEK Needles. Hamilton manufactures needles using standard HPLC grade PEEK tubing. Versions are available which are compatible with Luer and Luer Lock syringes as well as Removable Needle (RN) syringes 250 µL and greater. Show Filters The PEEK Tubing and Fitting Kit includes the following: 12 PEEK ferrules, 6 compression screws 10-32 long, 6 compression screws 10-32 short, one PEEK tubing .005in. x 1/16in. x 60in., one PEEK tubing .010in. x 1/16in. x 60in., and 12 compression screw kn... Peek Tubing and Fitting Kit Part Number: WAT022999 ---- Buy Now Tubing, 1/16 in. (1.6mm) O.D. X 0.010 in. (0.25 mm) I.D. X 5 ft (1.5 m.

PEEK Tubing 1/16 OD, 0.007 ID £ 9.00 Jaytee In Short HPLC, GC, LC-MS and GC-MS servicing | Used HPLC, GC, UV and Mass Spec | Consumables and Related Products & Part Cut To Size PEEK Sheets, Rods & Tubes. Stock Orders Shipped Same Day

Capillaries & Tubing for liquid chromatography (HPLC and UHPLC) PEEK capillaries come in a variable length and can be cut by the user with a tube cutter. Please note the maximum backpressure that can be applied. Article number Color code OD ID [mm] tolerance max. pressure [bar] A2522: red striped: 1/16 0.13: Standard Tolerance +/- 0.05 mm (OD and ID) 420: A2523: yellow striped: 1/16 0.18. PEEK™ Tubing - Micro Tubing Sleeves. Analytical Sales and Services, Inc. 179 US RT 206 Flanders, NJ 0783 Im Analytics-Shop finden Sie PEEK- und Edelstahl-Kapillaren sowie Schläuche und weitere HPLC Zubehör. Tubing, PEEK, 360 um OD x 50 um ID, orange striped, 1 m/pkg . 14,88 € Artikel-Nr.: JR-T-3650-M1 . Auf Lager . Vici Jour. Tubing, PFA, 1/8 x 1.59 mm ID, 3 m/pkg . 68,75 € Artikel-Nr.: JR-T-4003-M3 . Vici Jour. Tubing, PTFE, 1/16 OD x 0.75 mm ID, 10 m/pkg . 31,63 € Artikel-Nr.: JR-T. Tubing Kits Accessories Description: Viper and nanoViper capillaries in stainless steel, or biocompatible MP35N, PEEK and PEEK-shielded fused silica. Pre-assembled kits contain all the HPLC connectors and capillaries needed for running standard or advanced workflows with your HPLC and LC-MS systems Vici/Jour Research. Vici Jour Research fertigt ein sehr breites Spektrum an HPLC-Zubehör und teilweise für GC: Fittings, Micro Flow-Nano Parts, Adapter, Tubing, Filter, Valves, Druckregler, Check Valves. Die Lieferzeit kann bei einigen Ersatzteilen bis zu 10 Tagen dauern. Fordern Sie einen Katalog an

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Chromatography Tubing. PEEK-Schläuche werden mit verschiedensten Innendurchmessern geliefert. Cytiva Lifescience™ PEEK-Schläuche sind ein wichtiges Zubehör für die Chromatographie. Als Zubehör für Chromatographiesysteme. Cytiva PTFE-Schläuche haben einen Innendurchmesser von 1.6 mm. Farbcodierte PEEK-Schläuche, die stark genug für. We offer unique products such as biocompatible PEEK-lined stainless steel tubing as well as an assortment of high pressure and fluoropolymer tubing. All of our fittings, filters and frits and connectors come in a variety of materials and styles. We can provide micro and nano-scale dimensions and well as custom forming, assembly and kitting. We also offer our RI detector that provide high. I am using PEEK tubing in an electrospray. The tube is around 50cm long and 125 um in diameter. The working fluid was provided with a syringe Capillaries for HPLC. All Agilent LC capillaries are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards to protect the integrity of your results at every step of your LC flow path. All capillaries are precision cut with square ends, are burr-free, have no inner-diameter distortion, and come in a variety of materials to suit your needs If your HPLC has tubing PEEK, change for steel. This is the principal care you have with THF in mobile phase. THF is known to damage PEEK tubings. However, using small concentrations of THF as.

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An HPLC loop of any dimension is easy to make. The loop can be constructed of HPLC steel tubing, fused silica, or (our choice) PEEK™ tubing. We use PEEK™ tubing because it is easy to cut to size and flexible and it is easily fitted with finger tight nuts and ferrules. PEEK™ tubing is also resistant to most organic solvents and can. HPLC tubing can be either stainless steel or silica-lined PEEK plastic—the stainless steel variant is required for ultra high pressure applications where plastic will not work. 17 results were found . Refine Results Sort by. Sort Results. List View Easy View. List View Easy View. Sort by: Compare(0) Clear. Add to Cart (0) Rate These Search Results. Powered by Bioz. Chromatography PTFE Tubing. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymer tubing is biocompatible, chemically inert to most solvents, and can be used to replace stainless steel tubing in most liquid analytical systems. PEEK tubing is flexible and can be easily cut to desired lengths. PEEK Tubing has strong mechanical and chemical strength, can sustain high temperature, and almost non-reactive to sensitive components. There are. Solid colored PEEK Tubing is the standard for everyday use in HPLC as it's chemically resistant and flexible. Tolerance is +/- 0.05mm for both ID and OD. Striped colored PEEK Tubing consists of natural PEEK with a color stripe added to the outside of the tubing after extrusion. We recommend using striped or natural tubing, as PEEK is not.

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  1. PEEK tubing has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any thermoplastic and the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure. Its distinct materials make it inert to most solvents and give it a smooth internal surface that improves the resolution of sample bands. With its introduction into the marketplace, PEEK materials have become a popular replacement for.
  2. Color - Red, Length (ft) - 5, Material - PEEK, Pressure Rating Max (psi) - 7000, Pressure Rating Max (bar) - 483, Tubing ID (in) - 0.005, Tubing ID (mm) - 0.125, Tubing OD (in) - 1/16, Biocompatible, PEEK Tubing is optimized for use in high-pressure applications. Its distinct materials make it inert to most solvents and give it a smooth.
  3. Start > Produkte > HPLC & GC Zubehör > Hplc > Tubing und Verschraubungen « Zurück. Tubing und Verschraubungen. Ihr Anfragenkorb. Keine Anfragen im Korb. Telefon E-Mail Preise Katalog. Newsletter. Zubehör Filter. 1 - 10 von 17 . 1/16-Inch Stainless Steel Tube Fittings. Restek offers stainless steel tube fittings to help you maintain your HPLC equipment. Parker's A-... Details. EXP2.

HPLC Fittings PEEK Fitting Set. PEEK Fitting Set A type. An easy to use tubing and connector package. PEEK Fitting Set A type Contents: PEEK Tubing Striped Color 1/16 inch x 0.25 x 3m. 1 pc. PEEK Tubing Striped Color 1/16 inch x 0.5 x 3m. 1 pc. PEEK Tubing Elbow 90º . 2 pcs. PEEK Tubing Elbow 180º. 2 pcs. PEEK Hexagonal Head Nuts short type 1/16 inch. 5 pcs. PEEK Hexagonal Head Nuts long. PEEK tubing (a non-fluoropolymer) is well known for its very high degree of hardness even at elevated temperatures. Such tubing enjoys resistance to extremely high pressures and in many cases has replaced stainless steel. Due to its high purity, PEEK tubes do not leech out damaging 'extractables' and is very effective in the trace analysis of complex fluids. PEEK tubing is flame retardant.

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PEEK Tubing L × O.D. × I.D. 10 ft × 1/16 in. × 0.030 in ..

HPLC-Schläuche. PEEK tubing; Drucken. Teilen. PEEK tubing Lieferant: SGE (Trajan) SGEA1302020004-50FEA 135 EUR. SGEA1302020004-50F SGEA1301015008-10F SGEA1304002000100F SGEA1302010003100F SGEA1302040000-50F SGEA1302030005-5F SGEA1304002000-10F SGEA1302015008100F SGEA1302030001-10F SGEA1301015008100F SGEA1302005001-50F SGEA1303080000-50F SGEA1302005001-10F SGEA1303062000-5F SGEA1301007002100F. PEEK (poly-ether-ether-ketone) fittings and tubing are in widespread use for HPLC applications. The convenience of using your fingers instead of a wrench to tighten the fittings and the flexibility of the tubing make PEEK the material of choice for most HPLC methods when pressures of <400 bar (<6000 psi) are used. PEEK also is used for injection valve rotors in some applications. For the most. Sample loops, HPLC, Rheodyne Shop Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Capillary Tubing at Fishersci.co Tubing Tubing made of Elastomers (Soft Rubber) Tubings and Pipes made of Rigid Plastics ETFE Tubing EVA Tubing FEP Tubing MFA Tubing PA Tubing PE Tubing PEEK Tubing PFA Tubing PI Tubing PP Tubing PTFE Tubing PVC-U Pipes PVDF Tubing and Pipes Tubing, Pipes and Capillarys made of Metal Heat shrink hoses Protective and insulating hose

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Fittings for HPLC and UHPLC. With an innovative design utilizing stainless steel or a proprietary PEEK™ polymer blend (PK), Shimadzu's fittings ensure outstanding performance for both conventional and demanding analyses. These reusable fittings, including the new Nexlock Finger-Tight fittings, range in pressure ratings from 5,000 to 25,000. HPLC Plastic Peek Tubing Size for Shimadzu. Nylon coil tubingNylon coil tubing has a large temperature range of -40℃to 120 ℃, and a higher working pressure. Nylon coil tubing is ideal for use with robotics, instrumentation, small pneumatic tool. Send Inquiry. Features Models Video. We can guarantee that the pneumatic tube, kynar heat shrink tubing, corrugated tubing we produce stably meet. Alibaba.com offers 183 peek tubing for hplc products. About 1% of these are Plastic Tubes. A wide variety of peek tubing for hplc options are available to you, such as processing service INTERCHIM 1/16'' OD X .010'' ID X 10FT PEEK TUBING. P/N : D5062A Pack : 1 x 250 g. P/N : D5062A Item : D5062A Pack : 1 x 250 g. Cat. Price : CAS : 2150-37- Wecome to YL Instruments' Youtube channel!This video shows how to connect PEEK tubing to where to be used in YL9100 HPLC system.For more information, visit w..

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HPLC Adapters & Connectors: Threaded Adapter, 1/16″ OD Tubing, PEEK • Connect various combinations of thread types, male and female • Includes male and female adapters • Low dead volume • For any 10-32 high pressure fitting UHPLCS offer male and female adapters as well as adapter.. PEEK is a high-performance engineered polymer with mechanical and chemical resistance properties that absorb high temperatures, making it highly resistant to thermal degradation. PEEK tubing has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any thermoplastic and the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure. Its distinct. PEEK Tubing, Blue, 0.010 ID x 1/16 OD, 5 ft Roll. E-mail this product to a friend. Blue PEEK tubing for standard HPLC systems. Internal diameter is 0.010 (0.25 mm). Length is 5'. Requires PEEK nuts 228-18565-84. Alternate for 228-32999-03

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Cat No. Description Pressure (bar/psi) 47305-05: Tubing, PEEK, 1/16 OD x 0.005 ID, red: 420 / 6100: Add to Cart: 47305-07: Tubing, PEEK, 1/16 OD x 0.007 ID, yello PEEK Tubing, 1/16 in. OD x 0.005 in. ID x 3m (red stripe), ea. PEEK Tubing, 1/16 in. OD x 0.007 in. ID x 3m (yellow stripe), ea. PEEK Tubing, 1/16 in. OD x 0.010 in. ID x 3m (blue stripe), ea. PEEK Tubing Elbow, 90°, 5 Pk. PEEK Tubing Elbow, 180°, 5 Pk. PTFE Tubing, 1/8 in. OD x 0.063 in. (1.6mm) ID x ea. PTFE Tubing, 1/8 in. OD x 0.094 in. (2.4mm) ID x ea. Tubing Clip, 5 Pk. ValvTool Wrench. Erfahren Sie mehr über HPLC-Schl\u00E4uche. Wir ermöglichen Wissenschaft durch Produktauswahl, Services, ausgezeichnete Logistik und unsere engagierten Mitarbeiter PEEK TUBING,.005 x 1/16 x 60 LG: 700009683.007 Yellow +/- .0001 6100 (420) TUBE, PEEK, 1/16 x .007, YELLOW x 45 LG: 700009778.010 Blue +/- .0001 5000 (345) ASSY, TUBE, PEEK, .062 x .010 X 60 LG: WAT033998 .030 Green +/- .0001 3800 (262) TUBE ASSY .062 X .030 x PEEK x 30 LG: WAT022998: 0.020 Orange--PEEK TUBE .020 X 1/16 X 60 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION . Not able to find a solution.

HPLC Column Tubing. Restek. Restek tubing is manufactured from fine, chromatographic-grade 316 stainless steel. It is corrosion resistant, ultrasonically cleaned, and passivated. We polish the tubing and promise a burr-free cut. You can use this tubing immediately—there is no need for additional treatment Versilon PEEK capillary tubing is designed specifically for the demands of high-pressure chromatography (HPLC). More corrosion resistant than stainless steel, Versilon PEEK tubing is strong enough to take the pressure of 5000 psi. Versilon PEEK tubing is close in heat-resistance and chemical- resistance properties compared to PTFE, but it is structurally strong and abrasion-resistant. It does. Locate the tubing in the HPLC that connects the injection valve to the inlet of the HPLC column. This tube will be made of stainless steel or PEEK, and is referred to as the column inlet tube or column inlet line. If the end of the column inlet tube that goes into the HPLC column is bare with no nut and ferrule, place a PEEK male nut/ferrule (10-32 threads) for 1/16 OD tubing over the tubing.

hplc peek tubing. All hplc peek tubing wholesalers & hplc peek tubing manufacturers come from members. We doesn't provide hplc peek tubing products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully China HPLC Environmental Expanded Capillary Plastic Micro Peek Tubing, Find details about China PFA Tube, PTFE Tube from HPLC Environmental Expanded Capillary Plastic Micro Peek Tubing - Shanghai ECO Precision Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd PEEK tubing has advantages over stainless steel tubing when plumbing your HPLC system, but it also has its limitations. PEEK is a high-performance engineered polymer with mechanical- and chemical-resistance properties that absorb high temperatures, making it highly resistant to thermal degradation. Its distinct materials make it inert to most solvents and give it a smooth internal surface that. HPLC Accessories; PEEK Tubing; Color-Coded PEEK Tubing. Considered relatively inert and biocompatible, poly-etheretherketone tubing can withstand temperatures up to 100°C. Its mechanical properties allow PEEK to be used instead of stainless in many situations and in some environments where stainless would be too reactive. However, PEEK can be somewhat absorptive of solvents and analytes. Agilent 0890-1761 HPLC Tubing, PEEK, 1.6 mm od, 0.5 mm id, 1.5 m Orange. Agilent 0890-1761 HPLC Tubing, PEEK, 1.6 mm od, 0.5 mm id, 1.5 m Orange. Agilent. Agilent 0890-1761 HPLC Tubing, PEEK, 1.6 mm od, 0.5 mm id, 1.5 m Orange. Artikelnummer: 3683. Kategorie: HPLC / LCMS. 36,79 $ inkl. 19% USt. , zzgl. Versand (Paket) sofort verfügbar. Lieferzeit: 2 - 3 Werktage. Stk In den Warenkorb.

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Valco HPLC column end fittingsHPLC Accessories - Peek Ferrule Manufacturer from VapiHPLC PEEK Nut with a Hex-Head (short for double ferruleHPLC PEEK FerruleUnichrome AssociatesInlet Filters, Debubbler - HPLC Accessories | Sigma-AldrichHPLC Guard Column - Analytical Columns

HPLC Consumables, Tubing - Material: PEEK™ 15 results (2 filters applied, reset) close. Filter. Categories. Tubing; Tubing - Material. PEEK™ 15; Tubing - Inside diameter. 0.004 — 0.007 (0.10 — 0.18mm) 15; 0.007 — 0.025 (0.18 — 0.64mm) 20; 0.030 — 0.063 (0.76 — 1.59mm) 10; Tubing - Outside diameter. 1/16 (1.59mm) 15; Tubing - Length. 5 — 10ft (1.5 — 3m) 6; 20 — 100ft. PEEK Tubing ist von Berufs Plastics eine Vielzahl von Größen bietet. PEEK-Schläuche Produkte umfassen Extruded großer Schläuche (auch bekannt als Hohlstab) mit kleinem Durchmesser Kapillarschlauchs und Large gepresste Rohre. Wandstärken variieren ebenso wie die Farbe, die von einem gelbes Licht, wenn sie als eine dünne Wand Rohr zu einem dunklen tan erzeugt, wenn sie mit einem. HPLC PHASEN > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > HPLC INSTRUMENTE > > > HPLC ZUBEHÖR HPLC Guide Schneidet PEEK-, Teflon-, Tefzel- und andere Polymer-Kapillaren. Deformiert nicht den Außendurchmesser der Kapillare oder verschließt die Kapillare. Der Sicherheitsverschluss arretiert die Klinge wenn sie nicht benutzt wird. P/N 797 Tool, Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter P/N 798 Tool, replacement blade for. PEEK tubing offers a smooth internal surface that improves the resolution of sample bands. We have developed a variety of color options for easy coding and identification. It is available in lengths of 50ft and 100ft. It comes in red. PEEK Tubing 1/16 OD x .005 ID. Biocompatible, PEEK Tubing is frequently used in high-pressure applications Download Hamilton's HPLC guard cartridge instructions. Hamilton's POOL guard columns prevent particulates and highly absorptive compounds from reaching the analytical column. Learn more about the PEEK guard column and review cartridge and holder installation instructions PEEK tubing . Browse product types A-Z. Amino ProteCol HPLC columns Big Trap gas filters BP BOND Molseive 5A GC PLOT columns BP BOND Q GC PLOT columns BP BOND U GC PLOT columns BP1 GC columns BP1 PONA GC columns BP10 (1701) GC columns BP20 (WAX) GC columns BP21 (FFAP) GC columns BP5 GC columns BP5MS GC columns BP624 GC columns BPX-BIOD GC columns BPX-DXN GC columns BPX-Volatiles GC columns.

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